How to connect Apple Developer Account?

Modified on Tue, 20 Dec 2022 at 02:03 AM

Step 1

Go to App Store Connect and login with your Apple Developer account.

App Store Connect Login

Step 2

Click on Users and Access

App Store Connect Users and Access

Step 3

Go to tab Keys and click on the button Generate API Key, where you will add a new API key.

App Store Connect API Keys

Step 4

A dialog will pop-up where you will input the following data:

  • Name: EvlopApiKey
  • Access: Select Admin access from the dropdown menu

Click Generate to create a new API key.

Step 5

Now copy the following keys and paste them into our iOS dialog builder:

  • IssuerID
  • KEY ID

Step 6

In this step click the Download API Keyto upload to Evlop app builder. \n (Note: You can download the API key only once. If you delete the API key you will have to create a new one and copy the new IssuerID and KEY ID into our Admin panel)

Step 7

Now go to your Shopify dashboard and follow the steps:

i) Click on Evlop - Mobile app inside Sales channel.

ii) Click on Account

iii) Click on Connect inside Apple developer account.

Step 8

After getting into the Apple developer account

i) Now you have to fill up the details on (1)Apple developer account Team Name, (2) App store connect API Issuer ID & (3)API Key ID.

ii) Upload your Api Key file.

iii) Click Connect.

Now you’ll be connected to your Apple developer Account.

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